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About Us

Evolve Vintage - Circular Clothing. 

Evolve specialises in one-of-a-kind garments with a past.
Sourced locally to Manchester, UK, we collect high quality vintage clothing, things that catch our eye; objects that are beautiful as well as being very wearable, each with their own story. We then care for; handwash, steam, mend & alter each piece as needed. Finally finding each one a new home, to be worn and enjoyed again. 

Expect classic shirts & denim, funny knitwear, hardwearing workwear, stunning gowns, hand embroidery, high fashion, low brow, designer pieces...

Evolve Vintage is curated by artist, photographer & costumer designer Hannah Mort. With over 15 years experience working with vintage, Hannah is passionate about thrifting; uncovering fragments of history, utilising fashion as a method of creative personal expression, as well as living and working ethically, sustainably & slowly. 


We design, create & hire out costume for editorial, music, film, tv, theatre & performance. Enquiries welcome